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I fell in love with sport 20 years ago, the day my parents forced me into playing basketball. They were trying to take the edge of my restless hyperactive self and somewhere along the way i found my calling.

I decided almost immediately that THIS was what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. The definition of ‘THIS’ has changed over the years. But the idea remains the same. I want to reach out and show everyone how much fun exercise can be.

I truly believe that every human being likes exercise, simply because our bodies were designed to move and in the absence of movement, it deteriorates. Those of us who think we hate exercise have simply not found a form of movement we love.

I’m here to help you realise that you don’t HAVE to run if you don’t want to. You don’t have to go on mind numbingly long walks on a small strip of rubber if you don’t enjoy it. Jump, lunge, squat, pull, push, balance, laugh, play and enjoy every minute of it.

Our bodies are fascinatingly complex, brilliantly adaptable machines that can help you experience life. So why wouldn’t you take care of it? Why wouldn’t you want a body you can grow old with. Why should you settle for a body that stops you from experiencing life as you want to live it?

Certifications and Important Stuff

In my past life, i was an IT programmer-code-monkey. I started studying/certifying almost as soon as i started earning my own money and somewhere along the way I figured i’d much rather be helping people with all the certificates i’ve accumulated(listed here).

-NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

– NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

– Kinetic Chain Assessment Specialist – Level 1

– Olympic Weightlifting Instructor (Certified at Crossfit Central London)

– Crossfit Level 1 Instructor

-Human Kinetics: Certificate in Advanced Sports Nutrition

Please heed this disclaimer, though, and do not substitute material on this site for actual consultation with a Doctor. The information in this blog is not meant as a specific treatment recommendation or personal communication with any individual.

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi ! This is Ebenezar. You can call me ebi. I read your article and loved the way you write and it was really inspiring words. I am working as a software engineer in IT field, a code monkey in your language 😉 And i love to exercise. But sadly i am not so bulky. I am thin. And i go gym,i should confess not so regularly. I have heard that nutrition plays a bigger role in building up body muscles. I am looking for guidance for food practices and workouts. I hope you can help me. Can you help me out? I will be waiting for your response. Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Ebi,
      First up, thank you for reading, and sending in your feedback. Its good to know that you like to exercise, more people could use your enthusiasm. To answer your question, nutrition does play a big role in weight gain, but given you don’t want to just get fatter, it matters just as much how you train. Weight loss is about 70% nutrition, weight gain(in terms of muscle) is more 50-50 on the nutrition-exercise ratio.
      When you hit the gym try doing 5 sets of 5 reps each of compound movements using big muscles: like squats, deadliest,pull ups, push ups and lunges. These work larger muscles and will help you get stronger too. Mail me anytime you need help.

  2. Jo, You are incredible! Can you please contact me as I need to discuss something with you urgently? I am no longer on Facebook. I am a Hyooge fan of yours!

  3. Hi Jyotsana – I head the Chennai Runners Group and have been a regular reader of your blog. Was wondering if you could promote The Wipro Chennai Marathon (TWCM) scheduled for Dec 1 within your boot camp. I understand that as a strength and fitness coach you may not encourage running per say, however I feel that runners overall can benefit from the interaction with your team and running can provide your team with additional opportunities to build on their endurance. We are working hard in building this as a marquee event of Chennai and would love to have a broader representation from the community! If you need any promotional materials (like posters etc.) please do let me know. The website has all the registration details and we are on FB as well. Regards. Krishna

    • Hmmm… unwanted muscles? Are you sure? Its extremely hard to come by muscles around the stomach.. how did you land up with those in the first place? What was your workout schedule like?

  4. I’m 24, and weights 46 Kgs oly. I’m under weight. I want to increase my weight. By doing exercise is’t possible to increase my weight? Give me a good suggestion to increase my weight.

  5. looking for a personal trainer to come home n get me fit. me : 43 yrs, thin with a paunch fit for a mom of 2; never done exercises in life – want to get strong arms n legs – enuf to carry myself by myself in old age….suggestions?

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