Getting back on my feet.

The last 3 posts I wrote were about squatting pain free… well, 2 years and 9 physicians later.. I’m still not there. The latest diagnosis is that I very likely have an osteophyte in my knee that needs to be surgically removed.

To anyone reading this, the answer to “Have you tried Dr <insert name here> ?”, the answer is probably yes.

But thats not what this post is about.

10 months ago, I met with an Orthopedic Surgeon, who suggested that I try injecting my knee with Cortisol. In my desperation to finally be able to squat again, I agreed.

Within the month, I had gained 6 kilos. Over the next 2 months, another 2 injections were administered and another 6 kilos were gained.

If all this had led to a pain free squat, I might have happily accepted and allowed for another 10 kilos.. but, here I am, with as much pain as when I started, heavier than I’ve been in 18 years and possessing the least amount of health I’ve ever had, making it harder to fix this problem.

I’d be lying if i said it was just the hormone that got me here. Cortisol sent me on a downward spiral that I couldn’t get out of.

You see, the drug wouldn’t let me sleep. Without sleep, I did not have the energy to exercise,or the ability to make good decisions about food.

I spent all day trying to sleep, failing at it, somehow crawling to class and then running back home to attempt to sleep, again.

I finally had to get myself to a psychiatrist last month and get sleep meds(melatonin) to help me sleep again ( I tried every natural thing from meditation to Ashwagandha before doing this) and it took a week of sleep for me to feel in control of my life again.

Im finally at a point where Im exercising, not hating life and cooking healthful foods again. But at 36 and with a messed up thyroid(from the cortisol), this is bound to be a long, slow, painful journey.

So why am I blogging about it? Because till last about 2 weeks ago I was absolutely not in the mood to share how I fixed my life. But then, a member at The Unit was given the same advice for her bad knee(from years of dancing).. take cortisol.

That was the first time I spoke to someone about how it affected me, and it helped. She cleared her house of all junk food(willpower is truly overrated), lessened her work load in preparation for the exhaustion I warned her about, got herself to sleep and came to the gym even if she did not always feel like it.

That was my ‘Aha’ moment. I figured maybe someone else could use this information. Maybe your problems started differently but you’re now at the same point I am. Maybe you have the same long journey ahead of you for different reasons and would like to see how to begin.

Before the injury I was powerlifting, sprinting ,had hit all my strength goals and was making a list of new ones.

Now, Im back to square 1 and maybe you can learn from my mistakes or give me a few pointers or maybe you’re also at square one and you’d like some company.

I don’t know. Maybe I can help or maybe I cant. But here I go. Ill be detailing what I do every week and going through the How-many-ever-steps-it-takes plan for getting back on track when life derails beyond anything you ever planned for.

I hope it helps you. IF it does, maybe drop me a line and make my day?

Much Love


7 thoughts on “Getting back on my feet.

  1. More than 6 months since I last worked out with you and that’s the last I was pain free. Until then was able to lift decent weights, run, skip, do box jumps and what not. I’ve realised now that all along my main issue is a weak core. And now I’m at square one, doing just 30 sec planks and bridges to gain basic strength so I can get back to ‘normal’ physical activity again such as long walks and maybe burpees. Would love to follow your journey into being active and fit again.

  2. Dear Jyotsna
    I can completely emphathise with what you are going through. We are all exercise professionals and it upsets us mentally when we cannot do what we are used to doing. I have had 3 ligament tears due to playing hockey and tennis. A bad back ( not sure if the reason). The latest is a groin injury due to excessive cycling. The groin injury extends to upto my chest and upper abs. I too have been doing crossfit , yoga , cycling. For 4 months I did nothing. Not even walking. Now I have slowly recovered. Slow easy cycling with an upright handle , walking at an easy pace and swimming. Yoga is very beneficial but no jumping while doing surya namaskars. This all leads us to the question – IS THE HUMAN BODY DESIGNED FOR EXESSIVE WORKOUTS. The answer is No. we should do just enough to keep ourselves fit. It definitely does not help to overexercise and get injured. So I am not recommending marathon running , excessive cycling and weight training. Yoga coupled with walking or swimming is enough to keep us fit and healthy in the long run. Of course a sensible diet is crucial. Take care jyotsna and rest and recover soon.
    Gayathre Rajam

  3. Hey Jo… thanks so much for sharing this.. I feel for you 🙁 it takes strength to share something like this…so hats off… your inner strength is as strong as before, and its a matter of time the body gets back to match it…
    I am currently recovering from a meniscus tear, which has put my cricket on hold and Im getting treated by Dr. Krishnaraman of MediYoga clinic at Adyar. He is a well qualified Ortho and a student of BKS Iyengar yoga as well, and combines these domains to diagnose and treat patients.
    Maybe you have already met him… Before him, I had consulted Dr. Kosygan – who consults at Apollo greams – and he had suggested an injection as well for my meniscus tear. A few friends advised against it and suggested I meet Dr. KR.
    So I’m on a slow recovery path as well, and I hope you get back to your squatting and strengthening soon…. you are too strong a person to be kept down for long 😀
    cheers and god bless!


  4. Appreciate your sharing the details and the hardships you went through. It really helps people with similar issues.
    The strength and determination you have shows your true character. You are bound to succeed. Wishing you good health and happiness forever

  5. Dear JJ love your strong soul ! You will sure be fit back again …. This is just a search in which you are going to re fetch back to you !

    Have taken hormonal treatment for fertility treatment I kept telling myself my body will react and accept and give me strength to handle it ! May not be a big technique but this kept me relatively calm

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