Progress is not always about the scale

I haven’t posted in a few months because there is really nothing sexy or interesting about the daily grind of a healthy cut.

You wake up every morning, eat the same foods even if you’re secretly dreaming about potato chips and hope that this habit thing will come around and make things easy soon enough.

I started in November and it’s been 4 months. Around 2 weeks ago, I had shrunk enough that people began to notice.

Now, usually, I’m good at taking my own advice and I don’t weigh myself too often/at all.

But with almost everyone declaring that I’ve lost “weight”, I got curious enough to want to see just how much. Which is when I realised that my advice to my members is as solid as ever.

The weighing scale is not the best judge of discipline or progress. Take a picture every month wearing the same clothes on the same day and measure your distance from the mirror.

Here’s my progress from that angle





MARCH 11th




If I’d allowed myself to get busy watching the scale I might have been discouraged. Because all I actually lost in this time was 1.2 kilos. I have more to go but that is the reality of trying to lose weight in your mid-thirtys. It takes time and patience and you have to keep your head down and do the work no matter how long it takes.

My diet is all in the previous post and it hasn’t changed one bit. And no, there’s no way around the sacrifice IF fat loss is your goal… It doesn’t have to be.

I’m doing this for myself. I felt better and had more pull-ups when I was lighter and that is important to me.

Find your reasons and use them to keep you going. Or eat chocolate and enjoy it. Your body is your right. You can fatten it, lighten it, take it up a mountain, give it cholesterol, have babies with it, or use it to explore the world. It’s yours for life and no one else has the right to tell you how it should be. So if you’re making a change don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you.

If you’re considering eating less food, you’re already blessed in more ways than most.


Much love





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