Shoes that Exercise for you

Soap.. that also does your make up. And creams that will make combing your hair, un-necessary.

Oh wait.. you found that ridiculous did you? And yet.. the market for ‘toning’ shoes is massive.







Recognize them? They’re advertised everywhere as the answer to everything from cellulite to third world poverty  a firm behind. But research and several consumer reports suggest that these shoes are more likely to send you to a doctors office or an emergency room.

The science behind the shoes goes something like this:

If Swiss Ball/Bosu Ball=Unstable=Makes the core work harder, then why not wear a swiss ball on your feet? ALL THE TIME? Surely.. core will work, and shapely behinds will ensue? By forcing you to fight for a right as basic as balance, one can(fervently) hope that weight loss will occur right?


Your foot is an extremely well designed part of the human body. It is designed to provide your brain with the kind of feedback it needs to make small (constant) adjustments to posture based on eternal cues.

And it does this well… except when you put a distance of a few feet between it and the floor you walk on.. in the name of shoes.When you do that, the first time it receives any real feedback will be when its too late(think.. well after you’ve twisted your ankle and you’re really close to eating some dust).

US Consumer reports recorded 36 cases of injury related to ‘toning’ footwear in 2011 alone. That’s more than for any other single type of product in the database. Most of the reported injuries were minor, including tendinitis and foot, leg, and hip pain. But 15 of the reports were of broken bones, some requiring surgery.

And did anyone lose any weight because of these shoes? Was it enough to warrant injury(is anything)??  Well not really.

Negligible amounts of weight was lost.. but no one can say if it was the shoes or the just the fact that the people wearing them, were now, more likely to walk around in an effort to use them.

So there you have it folks. A shortcut to fitness has not yet been discovered. Your best bet, is still exercise combined with a sensible diet combined with minimally soled/bare feet.

Oh and sketchers will even refund some of you for bothering:


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