Step 2: Willpower and Motivation are Overrated

When building a routine, a big mistake people make, is waiting for motivation to suddenly strike them. You hope that it’ll all be different on a Monday or on the 1st or the 15th or in the New year.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but things won’t change one bit, till you decide to do something about it. So the longer you’ve been scrolling Instagram for Motivation, the more time you’ve wasted not actually¬†doing anything.

Willpower and Motivation are fickle. It’s great it if you have them, but don’t count on them to show up. Instead wake up and stick to your plan even on days you don’t feel like you can. Eventually your habits will build up a momentum and that will make everything easier.

With that said, here’s a closer look at my current daily food routine.


My first meal of the day is usually oats mixed with whey protein and any fruit I can be bothered to cut and freeze over the weekend. Why oats? Because I eat breakfast at 7 am and oats take only 90 seconds to make and store the night before. If you have the ability to wake up and make yourself something more elaborate, knock yourself out. I like that I can manage protein and carbs without too much effort and start my day with them.

Lunch is the Dal-rice from the weekend prep+ veggies from the weekend prep+ tuna,also from the weekend prep, thrown into a pressure cooker with some water and salt.

And dinner is 3 of the phulkas from the weekend prep with 2 eggs and some veggies.

Not pictured, is the whey protein shake I carry with me during my workout, the casein and peanut butter shake I drink at bedtime and the cup of skim milk and whey that serves as my snack.

This is not really a weight loss diet, yet.

Right now the focus is only on building the routine, but, I’d be lying if I said I have no idea what the macros are. Even without measuring, I have a fair idea what my meals constitute. But with the cortisol messing up my thyroid function, I know that now is not a good time to cut calories drastically. So I’m happy to just cruise along.

Do you need whey protein to be heathy? No.

But it does make the job of getting some protein at every meal far far easier. You can choose to do more cooking than I do and if you have the time I greatly recommend it.

But this routine amounts to 1.5 hours of cooking on Saturday + 10 minutes every day. This works well for me without putting too much pressure on my schedule.

I find it pointless to respond to a complicated situation or a large weight loss effort with a complicated solution. As Dan John says when life gets hard, simplify, simplify, simplify.

Much love




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