The Big Fat Indian Buffet

Let me start this post by saying its always better to order a la carte. That way you get exactly what you want and you can ask the waiter to change it mildly to suit your needs without upsetting every diner in the room.

Having said that there are still the unavoidable wedding/party buffets that are thrust upon you. If the person hosting this is close enough to you, there is almost no point trying to get out of it. There’s two ways to handing this:

1) Make it your cheat meal of the week and go right back to eating healthy… not tomorrow, not on Monday, but right away. As soon as the plate has been cleared.

2) Pick the healthiest options available to you.

How do you do this? Easy

-> Eat a little snack ahead of time. This way you aren’t viewing the buffet through the eyes of an extremely starved Indian cow (Plastic? No problem).

-> If you see suspicious looking liquids with a thick layer of oil floating on top, masquerading as ‘curry’ step away.

->Eat the veggies. Most buffets have a salad counter with cucumber, carrots and a customary fruit salad in the name of starters. Make that one part of your main course. Tandoori style grilled veggies are also a great option

->There is also, almost always a dal option. Use it.

-> if you see a chicken/meat/paneer curry, try and pick out the pieces with only as much curry as you need, and pair that with a small portion of rice/dry roti.

-> Give the dessert section a miss. Unless you plan to eat the fruits with no ice cream, there is almost nothing you can do right here.

-> Choose one dish you really really want to indulge in, and savour a portion of it… slowly.

-> Eat only if you are hungry and stop when you are full. Don’t eat because there is food or because random family came up to you inquisitively and coddled you into eating.

-> If you hear the sentences “Diet ah?” (Said disdainfully) or “Just this one time won’t hurt”. Respectfully say nothing (smiling like a maniac also works). You don’t owe anyone an explanation for what you choose to put into your insides. No, really, you don’t.

Most importantly though, don’t expect life to be perfect. There will be a cake at a dear friends wedding that you cannot miss. A family member or sibling whose wedding is worth more to you than numbers on a scale. When that happens, enjoy every moment. Don’t be the person that sniffed the food and stepped away because there was one calorie too many.

You can always get right back to eating healthy the very next minute. In the long run its not the minor setbacks that matter. In the long run what matters is that you stayed the course despite the setbacks.


5 thoughts on “The Big Fat Indian Buffet

  1. totally agree …. i do have ppl lingering n sayin that samething over n over .. Eat this one time … i dont smile i jus give them a hanibal look . teehee…. yup get right back it … it only becomes a big deal only if we let it ..


  2. The ever funny Jo 🙂
    My rule for Indian buffets.. I pick a moderately small plate in the area and dont go back for seconds. Keeps me in check 😀

  3. Brilliantly written blog.
    Thoroughly enjoy reading these. Makes a lot of sense too.
    if i had a lot of money, when i have a lot of money – i will join the Unit.

    Kudos for the work you are doing here.

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