The long road to Squatting Pain-free – Part 2


What are my options? I asked Vidhyasagar, after clearly stating that a life without squats CANNOT be one of them.

So he gave me 2:

1) Wear a shoe on only one leg during squats and deadlifts (Which felt very unsteady).

2) Try traction, a slightly unconventional method that is based on the theory that if a large impact is what moved the pelvis up, a similar strong force applied in the opposite direction should set it right again.

Against better “google” judgement, I decided to put all my trust in Vidhyasagar and go with option 2.

For as long as I had 2 legs and could walk, I’ve enjoyed doing squats  and I just couldn’t imagine giving up without a fight.

And so I had my leg pulled, and pulled, and much to my dismay, it wouldn’t budge. Years of strength training my muscles + many injuries to my joints(playing sports) meant that dislodging my pelvis from my core muscles was harder than dislocating a connecting joint like my ankle or knee (or worse, tearing it).


So I was asked to go home and come back in 2 days, when, he assured me, he’d try another technique.

The other technique after many many attempts, worked only a tinge. A tiny 0.5 cms worth of traction had happened. I was happy it had even moved.

Again I was asked to rest 48 hours and come back for session 3. This session was productive, the other 2 cms was achieved and I went home elated. No squats, no jumps, no impact for now. I had to rest and only do some mild core strengthening, while allowing scar tissue to form and reset my hip in its new position.

I went home, head in the stars, dreaming of when I could squat again, did not see a tree branch on the road, tripped, fell hard and stabilised using my right leg.

The impact sent the pelvis right back to where it used to be. I was crushed. I doubled back to the Vidhyasagars clinic hoping for damage control, but was told that continuously manipulating the pelvis could cause joint laxity.

“Go home and exercise, do whatever you like for 2 weeks, let the muscles heal a little, we’ll try again in 2 weeks” he said.

So I did. I sprinted more than I usually do, Squatted till my knees hurt, did 2 workouts on some days.. all in preparation for a forced rest period that I knew was coming.

I binged on training the way some people binge on food when they gear up for a diet.

2 weeks later, I was ready, I put myself under a forced house arrest, refused to go out or climb stairs, got the other trainers to take class so that I wouldn’t accidentally demonstrate something or clear weights, and went for it.

Two sessions have gone by since and the corrections are in place and holding. Im doing the rehab exercises every hour and nothing else. There is still a .5 cm difference, but I’m told thats muscular, and will need lots of correctional exercise and stretches.

My whole life is currently about the fight to get my squat back.Every 2 hours, my alarm reminds to stretch one side of my body. Every 4 hours I have core work that needs to be done. Its painful. But as long as it works, it’ll be more than worth it.

Because when you’re blessed with 2 legs, why would you not want to squat/run/jump with them?

Why would you purposely choose to go your whole life without ever discovering the strength you have in you? Thats only a life half lived.

Next up, rehab to train my right leg into taking a load it has so far pushed on to my shorter, tighter left leg.

Bring it on!


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