The long road to squatting pain free- Part 3



The much clearer picture on the left is because I had better lighting on that one. But the results are pretty clear. The pelvis is finally where it should be and its holding, after a month of rehab and 2 sessions of light squats, its still holding.

Does this mean I’m in the clear? Far from it.

Living with a shorter leg has caused my squat to shift in that direction, so now I have to train my neural system to shift back to squatting straight. Consciously shifting it won’t cut it on the higher weights. Im also not allowed to perform deadlifts and lunges or participate in any impact exercises for another month.

The good news is, this is the bit I can rehab on my own. We train a lot of people out of hip shifts anyway, and now I’m going to have to do that for myself.

This is an excellent video detailing how you can do that for yourself :

And that, along with other exercises and light squats should get me back into powerlifting in good time.

I had initially gone to Sagars’ to check if I’m ready for heavy lifting at competitions.

I had absolutely loved the one competition I had gone for and was getting better at it. My last squat PR was quite close to double bodyweight, and that was my goal for the next meet… a double bodyweight Squat.

Today my goals are very different. I no longer care if I can hit that PR. It is not a priority. I might still compete, but if I do, it will be for the love of lifting heavy and for the honour of competing alongside women who have chosen to try their hand at being the strongest in the state.

If I manage to even get close to my old PR and manage it pain free, thats all I want for christmas.

My body has carried me around and allowed me to experience life at its fullest. In the 25 years I’ve played, jumped, run, lifted, thrown myself around and tried every sport that I have come across, it has complained very little. For every goal I’ve set, it has rewarded me with two more.

It’s now, just a little bit hurt and it needs some TLC…. Its now my turn to respect my body and help it heal. And Im not complaining at all.

Here’s to a pain free 2016!


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