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You’ve read enough and you figure you’d like to get started on working with me? Great.. There’s two ways that can work:

1) Join us for a group workout at the The Unit. Its fun, its varied and its intense.

2) Personal Training: E-mail me at john dot jyotsna at gmail dot com and we’ll take it from there.

PS: I don’t take on a lot of personal training clients simply because i run morning and evening classes at The Unit and i don’t always have a lot of time on my hands. Do try and make it for one of these classes. If you cant, i promise to try my best to accommodate you.


10 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Hi I wanted to check with you on the class schedule / available slots. I’m residing in Adyar and would prefer to work out of adyar centre.

    • Hi Senthil,
      Classes run at Adyar at 5 pm and 7 30 pm. They’ve only just started so slots are still available. More slots are available in the 5-6pm than 7 30 to 8 30 pm.
      Morning classes run at 6 am, 7 am and 8 am at Boat Club Road. Slots are available for the 6 am and the 8 am on 3 days. 7 am is full.

  2. Hi I wanted to check with you on the class schedule / available slots. I’m residing in West Mambalam.

  3. Wanted to know the class timings daily. I am staying in Kottur, Chennai. What will be the closest place where i can join. What is the fee ? Basically i wanted to reduce weight and be fit. You can contact me on 9884363609 or what is the contact no. to call

  4. Hi,

    My name is Deepa and I reside in Kotturpuram. I am looking at joining my daughter Gayathri in your classes. Preferred timings would be anytime after 6. My contact no is 9841732532. Suresh Kumar from Reebok who is my trainer in MCC had told me to get in touch with you. Waiting for your reply.

    Deepa Nandakumar

  5. Hi, Heard a lot of good about the workout from my friend in chennai. i live in coimbatore. do u have units in coimbatore. if so in which all areas in coimbatore.

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